Martine Vance, One Fell Swoop Sales Manager for The Grace at Albert Park Lake

Delivering sales in the current COVID-19 climate is unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. When it comes to the seniors’ living sector, the situation presents a whole new set of challenges to work through.

With many seniors reluctant to leave home – and understandably nervous of making a big financial investment in these uncertain times – both the conversation and touchpoints have changed.

During this time One Fell Swoop have been anticipating, and adjusting to, the constantly changing market. Our marketing team are testing new ways to reach their target audience, expanding further into the digital space to capture the attention of people using their devices more than usual. To capitalise on the somewhat “captive audience” our team are creating informative marketing funnels that help people learn about the brands we are working with, building on brand equity, and creating a desire to know more.

The challenge for sales is the reduction in face to face time with clients, Key to any property sale – but particularly the seniors living sector –  is the deep engagement required to understand the motivations for a move. Our sales staff have also pivoted to engage with buyers online, on the phone or video calls, devoting more time to these calls. One thing is clear, this experience has solidified just how important it is to truly understand the client’s motivations for moving.

Engaging with potential buyers online means more back and forth but it also offers flexibility and more opportunities to further the conversation. The key is adaptability –  with many developments now offering virtual tours our sales team can show the displays to those who don’t wish to attend the showroom in person. For those who are comfortable coming into the display suite the experience has adapted to meet all COVID-safe requirements.

Thus far the overall property market has held firm, perhaps due to the drop in the number of homes for sale, and the current time could be ideal for retirees looking to downsize. Only time will tell how the real estate market will fare, but for now we are seeing signs that buyer interest is increasing as restrictions ease. A positive sign, that could help put the minds of retirees looking to make the move to retirement living at ease.