Bruce Message and Dr Andrew Fleming

While the 2020 Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) were postponed until September 2020, allowing aged care providers to focus on resident care during the COVID-19 pandemic, at One Fell Swoop we have been undertaking early works for a range of clients in expectation that ACAR will proceed later this year. Following on from securing some 1,200 places for our clients in the last round, we are confident of another strong result this year.

On offer will be at least:

  • 10,000 residential aged care places
  • 750 short-term restorative care (STRC) places and
  • Up to $60M in grants on offer Australia-wide

Consider that in the last round there were applications for 37,802 residential places (13,500 allocated) and 11,289 STRC places (775 allocated). So it’s important that your application responds to the departments objectives and presents a compelling case for your business to be granted those places ahead of the competition. That where we can help.

Our advice is to start preparing now. ACAR applications are increasingly multifaceted and competitive, and represent a significant time and resources investment for operators. Our team of researchers and analysts, lead by our Gerontologist and Strategy Director, will work with you to achieve the optimal outcome. At One Fell Swoop it’s the right blend of sector experience and innovation that communicates a compelling proposition for your application, presented in a cogent and effective manner and we manage the entire process for you.

Contact Bruce Message on 0412 616 120 or email to discuss your ACAR ambitions.