One Fell Swoop is the leading provider of research, advisory, marketing, advertising, sales and operations for Australia’s retirement living, land lease, assisted living and aged care sectors. Our innovative, practical advice is carefully and efficiently implemented, beginning with sound research, consumer understanding and extensive experience. We offer a whole of business approach that is dynamic, responsive and unrivalled. From project conception to full occupancy, our integrated services will help make your project a success.

A$8 billion+ in development sales

How we work

Bold thinking, creatively executed, expertly delivered

Research & Advisory, kick-starting the journey

One Fell Swoop researchers kick things off with a deep dive market assessment, tailored to your project’s needs. We make it our mission to champion your customer.

  • We design customisable quantitative surveys and exploratory qualitative research to guide us to a deeper understanding of Australian seniors’ values, attitudes, interests and ambitions.
  • Our quantitative research gives you the facts and stats – the ‘what’; while our qualitative brings life to the ‘why’
  • We listen to senior customers so you can keep in touch with your audience.

Real time market insights enable our team to deliver actionable advice for your development including:

  • Financial feasibility
  • Service design
  • Built form
  • Pricing
  • Exit fee arrangements.

All this, plus our unique consumer insights guide us in knowing what future residents want built. Our Research & Advisory services will set you up for a smooth and successful development journey.

Marketing & Advertising, delivering the right message

Highly informed and meticulously prepped, the One Fell Swoop marketing team goes to work connecting your development with prospective customers.

Big strategic thinking is wrapped with intuitive insights about qualified senior Australians. Only eye-catching branding and advertising will be communicated through the most relevant channels to reach your prospective customers with maximum impact.

As we work exclusively in the seniors’ sector, we understand what your customers want. In addition to demographic profiling, we also identify the psychographic characteristics of your potential purchasers, as these are the deep emotional drivers of almost every decision they make. We ascertain people’s:

  • Personality
  • Values
  • Opinions
  • Attitudes

The marketing strategies we create are specific to your community, identifying purchaser drivers, barriers and key messaging to deliver a compelling campaign that inspires purchase. The most relevant channels are assessed to ensure cost effective marketing that delivers to budget. Every activity is tracked for performance, so you get real value for your marketing dollar.

Sales & Operations, completing the loop

Our frontline sales teams exist to deliver exceptional sales outcomes for our clients.

We know the retirement, land lease and assisted living customer better than anyone. Every day, we talk to them about their wants, needs and desires.

  • We have the expertise and understanding to go on the journey with them and take them through to contract and settlement
  • Our staff are recruited and trained in our own best practice retirement living sales, contract and legislative compliance procedures
  • Our sales professionals are all experienced in the retirement living and aged care sectors
  • We immerse ourselves in your brand to represent you and your community in the right way.

To ensure the ongoing delivery of the lifestyle and brand promise of your development, our operations team will set up the systems, staffing and operational models that deliver an optimum customer experience, and run them on your behalf if desired.

Use all our services or some of them

We don’t mind. However, most of our clients realise their greatest successes come from using our entire suite of services.

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One Fell Swoop - people at our International Study Tour kick off conference

Our passion for knowledge sharing

As members of several peak industry bodies, our team regularly speaks at conferences around the world. Additionally, our International Study Tour brings together the world’s leading minds in retirement living, land lease, assisted living and aged care – a unique forum in which to share the latest built-form and service model innovations with our clients.

The result is the creation of communities for increasingly discerning seniors, providing them with outstanding lifestyles, while helping our clients achieve the best return on their investment.

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