Consumer driven insights deliver differentiation Consumer driven insights deliver differentiation One Fell Swoop offers a unique fusion of intuitive strategic thinking, deep market insights and eye-catching creativity – delivered through the most relevant forms of media for senior Australians. Our inspiring and thought-provoking branding and advertising campaigns generate exceptional sales outcomes.

Strategy and planning

One Fell Swoop works exclusively in the retirement living and aged care sectors, so you don’t need to brief us on the industry. We understand what you need, but most importantly, what your customers want. In addition to demographic profiling, we also identify the psychographic characteristics of your potential purchasers to ascertain their personality, values, opinions and attitudes, as these are the deep emotional drivers of almost every decision they make.

The marketing strategies we create are specific to your community, identifying purchaser drivers, barriers and key messaging to deliver a compelling campaign that inspires purchase. The most relevant print and digital channels and other forms of media are assessed to ensure cost effective marketing that delivers to budget.


One Fell Swoop is highly regarded in the retirement living industry for creating memorable development brands. Working with our clients, we establish the brand platform – the promise, character, vision and experience, then create brands that correctly position the community, establish the tone of voice and guide communications, which in turn converts to a higher rate of sales and builds brand equity.

One Fell Swoop Marketing South Yarra Melbourne creative team at work
One Fell Swoop Marketing South Yarra Melbourne creative team at work


At One Fell Swoop our focus is on translating inspired thinking into compelling advertising. Whether it’s directing photography, creating press campaigns, recording radio spots, harnessing social media or designing websites, our strategic creative approach ensures our campaigns have clarity of purpose and targeted messaging.

We build quality databases for sales teams to engage. Increasingly this is happening online, so we have the in-house skills to create digital marketing strategies and content plans that ensure the websites we create are found effortlessly through innovative search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), programmatic display advertising and social media campaigns.

Brochureware and display suites

The purchase of a retirement living residence is a significant acquisition and the accompanying financial model complex. That’s why One Fell Swoop devotes considerable attention to the required conversion collateral for use by sales teams.

Often the most tangible expression of a new development is achieved through the creation of an inspiring display suite and 3D model of the future community. We know that meticulous attention to design detail is absolutely pivotal to leverage sales at this crucial touch-point. A central feature of a One Fell Swoop display suite is our proprietary Showcase RV. This high-impact, interactive digital presentation completes the immersive experience and positions off-the-plan developments for sales success.

Engaging and informative brochureware is an essential take-away after visiting the display suite. The colours we choose, the angles we take and the images we create are all carefully considered to make an emotional connection and build trust with the target market.

One Fell Swoop Marketing Chris Rooke, Alice Murray, Iver Lynne meeting
One Fell Swoop Marketing Chris Rooke, Alice Murray, Iver Lynne meeting

Community and database events

At One Fell Swoop, we understand that building a database of interested prospective purchasers early in the awareness stage of a development is critical to sales success. A launch event that typically coincides with the display suite opening or commencement of construction, provides a PR opportunity and an important touch-point in the ongoing relationship with prospective purchasers.

Other events are scheduled throughout the campaign to bring purchasers and prospects together and assist conversion. Every aspect of the event, from venue hire and catering, down to audio visual and entertainment is managed by One Fell Swoop, ensuring a streamlined and brand-consistent approach.

Management and reporting

Most off-the-plan marketing campaigns span 18 to 24 months, meaning that focused and highly perceptive campaign management is required to ensure the appropriate response to a shift in sentiment or underlying economic fundamentals. A set and forget approach will not maximise enquiries and will squander precious marketing dollars. That’s why we undertake monthly reporting and agree on campaign tactics quarterly.

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