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Clear critical thinking, deep customer insights and eye-catching creativity that connects with seniors. With full in-house capabilities across a range of services, we develop key messaging and creative, while using the most effective channels to connect with prospects. We ensure your brand’s unique voice permeates through every communication. We are driven to deliver qualified leads to the sales teams. From initial set-up to occupancy, we manage the entire marketing program, while constantly reviewing our approach to ensure outstanding results.

Marketing services

  • Strategy and planning
  • Branding and re-branding
  • Overarching creative
  • Channel recommendation and buying
  • Brochureware and sales collateral
  • Websites and social media
  • Online and offline advertising
  • Display suites and sales tools
  • Community and database event management
  • Marketing management
Connect with customers Connect with customers
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Knowing your customer

After identifying the senior consumer, we gain a deep understanding of their aspirations through both demographic and psychographic profiling. We are seeing retirees with unprecedented diversity in tastes, demands, aspirations and expectations. From travelling to far-flung destinations or engaging more actively in things they love to do, people want to thrive, not merely survive. Consumers today want to age in place and remain active and engaged within their community – they’re likely to gravitate towards multi-generational neighbourhoods and authentic communities.

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Lead-generating creative

Working closely with our clients, we establish the brand platform. We create the development’s visual look and feel, identity design, tone of voice and language. Key messaging is developed, along with the unique selling proposition, which we turn into compelling communications. We commission computer generated imagery and principal photography to bring it all to life. At the centre of our strategy is a custom-built website. It is expertly designed to connect with seniors and deliver an outstanding user experience, driving enquiry and ensuring information capture to nurture leads. We create an entire digital ecosystem around it, ensuring that all touchpoints drive consumers to it.

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Targeted channels

Media represents one of the most significant spends in the marketing budget. We ensure that you get the best value for your money by constantly analysing the media channels that will have the most effective reach and investing where needed, in the channels that will deliver the best leads.

We excel in targeting seniors’ markets, harnessing extensive data insights to pinpoint the ideal audience. This invaluable knowledge shapes our channel strategy, ensuring maximum impact and ROI. By connecting with senior customers through online and offline channels effectively, we drive more qualified leads to the sales teams. Each channel is meticulously crafted with personalised messaging, ensuring outstanding reach and conversions.



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Digital solutions

Creating a robust content strategy for every campaign allows us to unlock the power of digital marketing. With precision targeting based on interests and location, our digital campaigns resonate and connect with senior audiences. From strategic search ads to engaging social media content and on-point display advertising on frequently visited platforms like news and real estate sites, we ensure maximum visibility and lead generation.

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Delivering conversions

Conversion materials include premium brochureware, inserts of floor plans, finishes, financials and frequently asked questions. Materials are fully customised to the various stages of selling, including pre-construction, during the construction phase and through to the now open phase. Every item is designed to inspire purchase and drive leads for the sales teams to convert into sales.

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Grassroots groundwork

We design interactive display suites that are the perfect place for the sales team to convert a lead into a sale. The display suite features a sample kitchen and bathroom, our proprietary interactive presentation tool Showcase, detailing the levels of the development, along with apartment plans, 3D scale models, computer generated images and finishes boards. Taking every opportunity to drive fresh leads, we create bespoke events for prospects and purchasers at the community or display suite, while nourishing a strong database.

One Fell Swoop | Marketing team members
Hamisha Khurana Senior Marketing Director (VIC/SA)

Highly credentialed, Hamisha has 15 years’ experience in aged care and senior living marketing as well as an MBA under her belt. She uses a hands-on approach to manage multiple stakeholders for some of our most high profile clients across Victoria and Queensland. Her deep experience in seniors’ marketing includes roles at Japara and Arcare.

Email Email Call Hamisha+61 421 935 702 Call Hamisha+61 421 935 702 Download VCARD Download VCARD
Nicola Clancy Senior Marketing Director (NSW/QLD)

Nicola has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing, leadership and strategy roles, a significant portion of which was with one of Australia’s largest seniors’ living and aged care operators. With experience both in the UK and Australia, Nicola leads our high performing Sydney team to achieve stellar results for our New South Wales and Queensland clients.

Email Email Call Nicola+61 427 081 202 Call Nicola+61 427 081 202 Download VCARD Download VCARD
Jonathan Tan Marketing Director (NSW/QLD)

With 10 years in residential property marketing and sales, Jonathan brings unique client-side experience to his position. He overlays his outstanding residential and mixed use property knowledge across a variety of marketing campaigns.

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