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Design & Development

Our Design & Development service creates seniors’ living communities where every resident thrives, and every need is met with great attention. We don’t just construct buildings; we design and craft exceptional lifestyles for discerning seniors. During the design and development phase, we work with you to ensure your product and services are priced and positioned correctly.

  • Co-design workshops
  • Customer lived experience conception
  • Accommodation and community centre configuration
  • Service and support design
  • Town planning permit procurement
  • Project cash flow establishment and management
  • Consultant team selection
  • Appointment and management of Project Manager
  • Construction strategy.
Create a new community Create a new community
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Enriching seniors’ lives

Understanding the experience of the senior resident is paramount. Through immersive research and empathetic engagement, we delve deep into the lives of seniors to design spaces and services that enrich their daily lives. From healthcare to leisure activities, we meticulously craft service and support offerings that cater to the diverse needs of your residents. Every service is designed with their comfort, wellbeing and enjoyment in mind.

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Deep collaboration

With decades of experience in seniors’ living developments, we collaborate with industry-leading architects, interior designers and planners to ensure that every community we create is a masterpiece. We understand the complexities of seniors’ living models, and we leverage our expertise to provide recommendations for development operating models, budgets, staffing and service fees. Our aim is to ensure financial sustainability while delivering the highest quality care and services for your development.

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Vibrant spaces

Through co-design workshops, we ensure every aspect of the community reflects the desires and needs of its future residents. We then get to work with the architect team to conceptualise living spaces that are the perfect blend of form and function. Each residence is designed to provide comfort, security and a sense of belonging. Central to our design philosophy is the creation of vibrant community spaces. From lush gardens to inviting common areas, we curate environments that foster social connections and a sense of community spirit.

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Development management

We constantly explore new avenues to craft extraordinary outcomes for our clients and their customers. From feasibility analysis to project cashflow management, consultant team selection, and beyond, we handle every aspect with precision. Our expertise extends to securing town planning permits, navigating heritage and services authority approvals and formulating construction strategies. Additionally, we excel in devising pre-sales, pre-leasing, and marketing strategies, ensuring seamless project settlement and completion.

One Fell Swoop | Christopher Rooke, Managing Partner
Christopher Rooke Managing Partner

A true innovator in seniors’ living design, Christopher always delivers exceptional communities. Working harmoniously with the project development team, architect, builder and other key team members, Christopher ensures the unique vision of each development is realised and profits are maximised.

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