Life Care At Home

Client Life Care

Project Type Home care branding and marketing

Services Marketing

Location Adelaide, South Australia

New promise for a well-established offering

One Fell Swoop worked with Life Care on their established in-home support service, At Home. Our client wanted to ensure that the market fully understood their innovative approach to aged care.

In an increasingly competitive market, Life Care needed to make a bold claim and stand by it. Our research indicated the thing customers were most unhappy with was unreliable service.  As Life Care invests in a permanent workforce who can get to know their clients, the idea of accompanying an exceptional care offer with a retail style guarantee was developed.

We created a campaign that delivered on Life Care’s promise – across print, brochure, online and digital – and captured the passion Life Care has for their customers. One Fell Swoop also developed a TV commercial to establish awareness, which is aired whenever the business unit needs more enquiry, but also serves as an excellent motivator for the staff.